A Quick Summer in St. Louis

Posted 01/11/2011

I had the chance to go to St. Louis last summer. It was a quick vacation for some but it was definitely one of my best. I've been travelling alone for a few times but my stay in St. Louis is really unique. I guess I really enjoyed the place.

The first photograph I took while I was there is the Gateway Arch. You probably know that St. Louis was once called the Gateway to the West. I thing the arch is a lot bigger than the Statue of Liberty. I rode this tram service to get to the observation deck. It is a magnificent point for taking on the whole of St. Louis. The deck gave me the chance to look over the splendid view of the historic Mississippi River. I bet the nighttime view there is even more spectacular.

After the observation deck, I learned that there is a museum in the vicinity. You can just hint that I didn't map out my itineraries well. I go wherever my feet will lead me. Anyway, I went to the Old Courthouse Museum which was very historic if you hit back to your history books. There is also the Museum of Westward Expansion showcasing the exploration of the West. The museum gave respect to the native Indians, pioneers and soldiers who were all part of history.

St. Louis also has an interesting Forest park. It houses the St. Louis Art Museum which has one of the most extensive collections I've ever seen. It even has pieces of German Expression. I went back to being a kid at the St. Louis Science Center with their interactive exhibits of dinosaurs and a lot more. I also proceeded to the St. Louis Zoo to really complete the whole I-am-a-kid-today mode. Aside from the cageless animals, I particularly like the recreation of Charles Darwin. The robot summarizes the scientist's evolution theories which I think would interest kids more.

I went to Soulard on a Saturday because I there's a Saturday market there. True enough, the neighborhood has a lot of fresh items to offer. One of the vendors even told me to go to The Hill if I want Latin vibe of St. Louis which I obliged to do that day. The effort was very much worth it. The Italian restaurants there seem to provide endless choices. I also had the chance to see the homes of famous people like Yogi Berra.

Although I don't have a set of itineraries, I didn't fail to catch a glimpse of the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis. It has this Byzantine style structure that would be worthy of good postcard. I caught up with my nature thirst at the Missouri Botanical Garden which is one if the National Historical Landmarks in the country. It has this heart-stopping collection of flowers and plants. The horticultural displays are undoubtedly world class.

There are a lot more to see at St. Louis. Too bad I was there for a couple of days only. One thing is for sure though : I'll come back for more.

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