A taste of Chicago

Posted 08/21/2010

I recently went to Chicago for a business trip. I took advantage of it and opted to stay for a couple of days. Of course, you can bet it was the time for relaxation and sightseeing. After I visited my cousin who lives there, I went to starting my tourist itineraries

The Windy City thrives with a rich of history that you can very well take on. I made sure I had a picture of the picturesque Lake Michigan. I went to the Art Institute of Chicago located at the South Michigan Avenue. It houses pieces that date back to around 3000BC. The good thing about the museum is that it also has extensive painting collections. I saw some Monet works. There was also a very impressive collection of Impressionist art. I marveled at their very interesting gift shop. I bought a few trinkets for the family and had lunch at the in-house restaurant in the museum.

I went straight to the house of Frank Lloyd Wright. The famous architect is really something. Good thing I was able to catch a 3pm guided tour. Managed by the Frank Lloyd Preservation Trust, the Oak Park complex boasts of Wright's private residence, laboratory and studio. The guide also noted that the Oak Park neighborhood has houses made and designed by Wright himself. I think that's the benefit of having a good architect as a neighbor.

The next day, I decided to stay low key and rest my feet from all the walking. I went to the Buckingham Fountain in the morning. I heard it got its name from Kate Buckingham who donated the fountain in memory of his brother Clarence. It has this very intrinsic sculpture of a sea horse which symbolizes the proximity of Chicago to the Lake Michigan. I was lucky enough to catch the hourly water show for that day.

I got a souvenir picture at the front of Harpo Studios. There were a lot of fellow tourists. No question on it being an attraction, it is, after all, Oprah Winfrey's production house. I mean, you can't probably get inside and book or get a ticket for her live shows. I heard it takes months to book tickets.

It was already late in the afternoon when I felt hungry. I think the advantage of Chicago being a populous city is that tourists have many dining choices. It's easy to step into luxury restaurants or just a grab a burger at a food shop. There are also food stalls around most tourist spots.

On my last day, I went to the Original Playboy Mansion. The 1899 structure is really beautiful. I mean, you won't even take notice that it's that old. Too bad my camera's zoom feature cannot capture the famous brass plate at the mansion's front door. I'm not too sure if the mansion is open for tourists so I went to drive home after taking a picture. However, I made sure I had a picture of the infamous Route 66 sign going back home.

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