Albuquerque is a desert full of fun

Posted 08/12/2010

Do you love the desert? Are you planning to explore an oasis? If you are, I can tell you right now: Albuquerque will give you an adventure you'll never forget!

Albuquerque is at the crossroads of central New Mexico. It's situated on a plain along the banks of the Rio Grande River, at the base of the Sandia Mountains to the east. As the largest city in New Mexico, you can be sure that this city has a lot of things to offer! People interested culture, outdoor adventures, or history will definitely have fun in Albuquerque.

One of the first things you should do in Albuquerque is to experience the city's completely unique Open-Air Trolley. It starts and ends in the popular Historic Old Town and includes Downtown, Nob Hill, Museum Row, University of New Mexico and the Route 66. You can also visit several of the sports stadiums in the area, Tingly Beach and the Historic Barelas.

The Biological Park of Albuquerque, dubbed as the "Oasis in the Desert" is also a memorable sight. It is an aquarium and a zoo put into one. This destination is very ideal for families on a budget. Kids will have fun and learn about animals at the same time. The zoo houses everything from tigers to parrots. The Biological Park also operates two trains that travel between Aquarium & Botanic Garden, the Zoo, and Tingley Beach. If you are particularly interested in the zoo, the Thunderbird Express roams through the entire area.

The adventure goes on. Sandia Peak Tramway is the world's longest ride on an aerial tram which takes guests almost 3 miles to the highest point of the Mountains of Sandia. This experience shouldn't be missed because you get to trek along primordial roads and observe the desert and the mountains. The outdoors are simply amazing and you'll have the added benefit of gaining more knowledge about the Native American, Hispanic and Anglo cultures that make New Mexico really out of the ordinary.

Don't miss to visit the Explora Science Center and Children's Museum. Learning and fun merged at this thrilling science discovery center with bunch of interactive and practical educational displays for people from different age groups. A visit to the Petroglyph National Monument where there are more than 15,000 petro glyphs or art images of prehistoric rocks will give u a feeling of awe. Moreover, a glimpse of the Ceremonial Cave at the Bandelier National Monument will give you a perfect blast from the past! This was the cave where the Indian inhabitants had their ceremonies.

The winter holiday is the best time for couples to roam around the Old Town because the streets are decked out with little candles; it can be quite romantic. You can leisurely walk the length of the avenues, and enjoy live bands, and party whenever you feel like it.

Another occasion you shouldn't miss in Albuquerque is the Balloon Festival. Adults will feel like kids and the children can't seem to get enough of balloons in the shape of famous movie characters like Darth Vader, Iron man, a piggy bank, a cow that jumped over the moon, and hundreds of other overwhelming balloons! After you've enjoyed the entire Albuquerque scene, it is time to pamper yourself at Betty's Bath and Day Spa. They offer a relaxing treat after a full day, or week, of traveling.

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