Amazing Family Vacations in Baton Rouge

Posted 08/12/2010

Have you been planning for a trip but haven't found a perfect haven for your needs? Come and check out Baton Rouge. Situated near the Mississippi River, Baton Rouge offers you a great people, unique food, and lively music. There are plenty of destinations that this haven offers to its tourists. From various art centers to adventure parks, what more could you ask for?

For art and architecture enthusiasts, let me give you an itinerary of art centers and museums found in Baton Rouge. If you want to experience art in a 55-million dollar channel-glass skinned building, visit the Shaw Center for the Arts. It exhibits the famous artworks of several national and world-renowned artists, as well as the artworks of the students and faculty of the Louisiana State University. In fact, inside the Shaw Center for the Arts is the LSU Museum of Art, a 5-year-old museum that exhibits portrait and decorative art. Over all, the Shaw Center for the Arts not only has marvelous collection of artworks, but a number of retails stores and restaurants, too.

Meanwhile, if you want to experience education at an entertaining phase, visit the Louisiana Art and Science Museum. It is the only museum in Baton Rouge that has interactive art and science galleries. It also exhibits fine art and permanent collection. One most interesting part about this museum is that it houses a Ptolemaic-era mummy in its Ancient Egypt Gallery. For people who want to know more about the historic events and cultural diversity in Baton Rouge, they can visit the Louisiana State Museum.

For brides who still haven't chosen their "it" wedding dress, I suggest they visit the Bridal Event in the Old State Capitol. For couples who have been searching for the right location where they would hold their most important day, the Old Governor's Mansion in Baton Rouge is available. Yes, couples can get married in this marvelous masterpiece. With its beautiful foyer, intricately designed east room, astonishing state dining room, and great library: who said getting married in an Old Governor's Mansion is creepy?

Baton Rouge also provides venues for educational trips. On top of the list is the USS KIDD Veterans Memorial Museum. Known as the "Pirate of the Pacific", this museum serves as a memorial to honor the men and women of the American armed forces. This museum not only allows you an entrance, but an overnight camping as well. To increase their knowledge on the US armed forces, they can proceed right away to the Arsenal Museum. Built in 1838, this museum played a great role in the military defense position of the Southwestern United States. Nothing gets any better than having fun while learning!

Kids and families can also bond in the amusement parks and zoos of Baton Rouge. They can get wet and wild in the Blue Bayou Water Park; get crazy in the Dixie Landin Amusement Theme Park; face their fears in the Alligator Bayou Swamp Tours; and get in touch with the animals in the Baton Rouge Zoo.

If you want to extend your generosity to others, you may join the Lagniappe Tours, which is the South Louisiana tradition of giving a little something extra. This tour will take you on a sightseeing experience to historic sites, cultural treasures, and famous landmarks of Baton Rouge.

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