Anchorage for nature lovers

Posted 08/12/2010

Glaciers, mountains, mountain ranges, volcanoes, tundra, and polar bears: these are just some of the tourist attractions in Alaska, particularly in Anchorage. Known as the City of Flower, Anchorage is a modern city that is surrounded by wilderness and adventures. Its official national flower, forget-me-not, is a tiny golden blossom that is surrounded by blue petals.

Anchorage is known to many tourists as a Winter Wonderland, because thousands of lights are decorated around its houses and establishments downtown. This is also where people get to experience an almost 24 hours of summer sunlight, thus making their dream vacation more worthwhile. Basically, people travel for scenery and adventure. Conveniently, these two are best combined in just one travel destination. So, what to see and do in Anchorage? Read along to discover…

What You Should Expect from Anchorage

When I first heard we were going to Anchorage, I was definitely hesitant. After all, Alaska is known to have the largest glacier concentration of almost 30,000 square miles. Anchorage, one of its cities, has two active volcanoes, six mountain ranges, and vast glaciers. So you can just imagine my dismay because I'm not too fond of the cold!

But let me tell you, the cold was definitely worth it. Seeing the majestic sights of Alaska is one of the most amazing travel experiences I've ever had. There's probably nowhere else like it. To maximize your tour, make sure to book with the Anchorage Flightseeing Tours because they use floatplanes, fixed wings, or helicopters to take you around. Not only can you get to see the mountains and glaciers of Anchorage. You can also step, walk, and run on them! There are actually couples who got married either at the top of Mount Alyeska or on an icy blue glacier.

Families can bond in the zoos, parks, aquariums, museums, botanical gardens, and sports clubs in Anchorage. They can also do scenic driving: which allows them to see the grand and rocky landscapes, translucent waterways, and wandering moose and bear in the tundra of Anchorage: while driving.

National Parks and Theme Parks

There are 13 state scenic byways, and two of which are very famous among tourists: the Seward Highway Day Trip, which is a 125-mile ride from Anchorage to Seward; and the Glenn Highway Day Trip. They may also go on a cruise to view tidewater glaciers in the waters of Prince William Sound, and Kenai Fjords National Park. If you want to view the arctic and sub-arctic animals in Anchorage, you may do so by visiting the Alaska Zoo. You may also watch around 450 species of birds in your wildlife viewing ventures. There are also State Natural Parks in Anchorage. Two of which are Chugach National Park, which is the 3rd largest state park in the country; and the Denali National Park and Preserve, which surrounds Mount McKinley.

If you want your family to bond in a more enclosed setting, you can visit the famous H2Oasis. It is actually an indoor Water Park in Alaska. Some of the exciting activities you can do in this park involve wave pool, water cannons, huge body slides, 575-foot long Lazy River, and many others. So definitely, I would say Anchorage is worth the cold. If you want to experience fun and adventure both with nature and some amusement parks, go to Anchorage. It can provide the perfect vacation for you.

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