Baltimore Sights and Sounds

Posted 09/28/2010

Baltimore is home to many archeological attractions and fine works of arts. It is a diverse city that will definitely leave a lasting impression. The Inner Harbor really presented itself to have variety. I enjoyed the way tourists like us were entertained so well since so much can be seen. A bird's eye view of the city was like getting a summary tour. We were also made to see the street performances which seemed all so spontaneous. The city really knows its way around to entertain tourists.

The place was loaded with nice restaurants, and from the selection that can be found, it's easy to say that these people have taste. One of the restaurants I liked played jazz which just kept the people coming. Only when we were seated did I notice that people normally had to make reservations to actually get seated. Aside from art galleries and many fine jewelry stores, the malls were filled with merchants selling modern artworks and souvenirs. Some merchants also sell different kinds of food like crab-cakes. It tastes great and buying one was definitely not a bad idea. Baltimore's community is simply vibrant with art. I managed to come across some Art Festivals that feature the country's unique styles from the top artists. All sorts of paintings, sculptures, and jewelry can be found. It was only natural that the whole Inner Harbor became some classy outdoor gallery : truly a wonderful site. Scanning through these galleries served as a good pastime (again) and can display odd bits of history.

Of course, if a formal collection of art is what you're looking for, then The Baltimore Museum of Art is the destination to be. It showed exhibitions and programs which really seemed to capture the essence of Baltimore and the country's culture. I don't usually fancy myself with art and history so I left the museum early to enjoy other sites.

There were plenty of free pastimes to go around. I liked climbing the Washington Monument since it provided for a great view from the top of Mount Vernon and acts as a nice long walk. Another nice place was the oldest public (and largest) park in the United States : Druid Hill Park. There, I could really take a "walk in the park" plus enjoy the wildlife preserve they have. I'm honestly a fan of looking for good ways to kill time while enjoying nature, and these places have served well. My mom and my sister loved art. They seemed to have a fascination for some of the paintings they saw back at the museum. I was told that the patterns were uniquely different and probably were because they represented Baltimore's culture. The paintings did seem nice in a sense that they give the viewers a bit of the city's history.

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