Beat the Blues by Visiting Louisville

Posted 08/18/2010

Are you aching for an escape from weariness? Have you started to notice kids running around and reminiscence about your own childhood memories? If this is the case, pack your bags and head off to Louisville!

Having traveled to many cities across the United States, there is definitely a point when everything seemed pretty much the same. But Louisville is different! The people, the places, and even the general atmosphere of the place are relaxing while at the same time exhilarating! The only description I can come up with is: Uniquely Louisville.

Louisville is firmly rooted in the American nationwide awareness for its Kentucky Derby. Each May, the horse race draws over half a million enthusiasts to this well-diversified and cosmopolitan industrial city. The first thing you will see when you arrive is the eye-catching, overwhelming, and beautiful downtown Skyline. At night, it is very beautiful and it can be viewed across the Ohio River. But last I heard, the Skyline slated to be changed with a 62-story Museum Plaza as well as the 22,000-seat KFC Yum Center.

In addition to energetic city festivals and the arts scenes, Louisville takes pride from its excellent public parks. I made it a point to visit the famous E.P. Tomsawyer Park. It was supposed to be an all-time favorite and after I left, I certainly understood why. It was very peaceful and I actually get the feeling that I was in an actual forest!

But if you're looking for thrill and excitement, the Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom is highly recommended. Meanwhile, the Waterfront Park has bands playing, bike riding, fishing, and scenery and of course, people watching whenever you feel like it.

Several golf courses are located within the city. To mention a few, Charlie Vettiner and Quail Chase Golf Course both have equally nice course layout. Once you finish a whole round, grab yourself a drink at their restaurants; they have exceptionally friendly staffs and players around. Kentucky Shakespeare Festival is a great addition as well.

Today, there are a lot of additions to the city's character. For boxing fans, the Muhammad Ali Center is a must-visit. This museum dedicated to Muhammad Ali's life, triumphs, and values. After a visit in the museum, you might as well check out the Fourth Street Live as well. It is a dining, shopping, and nightlife complex designed to revive Downtown Louisville.

For sports lover and extremists, Louisville Extreme Park provides in-line skating, skateboarding, and biking opportunities for people of all ages. It was developed in the early 90s but it definitely remains on my must-visit list up to today. Even if you're not an expert skater, going with family, friends, or loved one will definitely give you a good time. As a non-skater myself, I can vouch for those who don't exactly know how to skate!

Stop stressing about tomorrow. Louisville provides the right atmosphere and facilities that will help you do just that! It's truly a place for people who love nature, beauty, and relaxation.

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