Boston...The Perfect Long Weekeng Getaway!

Posted 09/04/2010

I was fortunate enough to travel to Boston a few weeks ago and had an amazing time! There was so much to do, we literally jammed packed a weeks worth of activities into a long, fabulous weekend! Since our trip began in the afternoon, we stopped at The Quincy Market for a bite to eat and a few souvenirs. There were rows of carts featuring specialty items inside the market area, and big retailers as well. There was no shortage of places to eat from Asian to Indian. We decided to grab a deli sandwich on the go at the Brown Derby Deli and kept moving.

We let the kids choose our first activity and of course they picked the New England Aquarium, and I am so glad they did! With in the aquarium are breathtaking exhibits and a beautiful Imax Theatre . We bought the combo ticket and took in a 3D movie during our visit. If your schedule allows, make time to go whale watching but, make a reservation because spots fill up fast! Buy tickets online or call 617-973-5206. We were able to see penguin feedings and a seal training session as well as view the many beautiful exhibits. The whole family loved it and I think it's a must see.

Because we were indeed tourist, we had to take the famous Swan Boat rides at the Boston Gardens. This was fun and relaxing. The boats run mid April thru mid September and are closed during the winter months. If you happen to visit during the winter, the pond is used of ice skating and attracts a great crowd.

Being a diehard baseball fan, I had to see Fenway Park! We took the guided tour and had a blast!. The tour lasted about and hour and was full of history and Red Sox facts. It was definitely a highlight of our trip. Whether you are Red Sox fan or not, getting to go behind the scenes will give you new perspective on the sport all together. To reserve a spot, contact Fenway Park Tours Hotline at 617-236-6666. Tickets range from $10-$12.

Boston proved to be a perfect long weekend getaway. This city has so much culture and history, it deserves much more than a few days. But, if a few days is all you have, don't miss this beautiful destination and take in the art, culture and history.

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