Cancun Airport Guide

Posted 09/28/2010

Bienvenidos!!!!! You Have Just Arrived in Cancun!

A top tourist destinations makes Cancun Airport (CUN) among the business in the Caribbean and is easily accessible from almost every major city in the world. It's easy to navigate as well as get to where you are going. The hotels located in Cancun are about 20-30 minutes away depending on which hotel. Playa del Carmen hotels are located about one hour away. There are basically 3 ways yo get to your hotel... check out this link for properly authorized, licensed & insured transportation companies.

The link below will provide you with a helpful interactive mao will everything you need to find at (CUN)

Customs has become very well-organized and easy to get thru. A helpful tip to remember when traveling into Mexico is to bring whatever you need for the time period you will be staying. NO food, fruit or anything that's not packed and sealed. This will alleviate any issues getting thru so you can begin you travels. Keep in mind this same rule applies to bringing medicines into the country, whatever you need for the time period you will be staying.

ATMs and money exchange desk at each of the international arrival terminals. The exchange rate varies each day.

The Airport is located @

Carretera Cancun-Chetumal KM 22 Cancun, Q. Roo, Mexico

Don't worry if you forgot some souvenirs, the Airport has plenty of places to enjoy a little shopping. Hot spots include, The Hard Rock Cafe & Store as well as Harley Davidson. Have a few extra minutes before take off, check out Xpres Spa for a quick pampering.

The Airport offers plenty of dining options as well. If you have a taste for seafood, Bubba Gump is the perfect selection. Planning on missing those tasty Margaritas? Hit Margaritaville for one final libation . If you have been missing your daily brew, Starbucks is quick and easily accessible on the upper level.

Keep in mind, most of the time airport tax is included in the price of your ticket. Please check with your airline or check your airline ticket to make sure the tax is included. Depending on the exchange the tax is around $48.00 USD per person can can be a shock if you are not prepared for it.

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