Car Rentals For Family Trips

Posted 12/16/2009

Any parent knows that traveling with the small fry will require an entirely different set of rules. Once you have remembered everything you need to do for your car trip with your kids, think back: There are several things that are easy to forget when you are planning to rent a car for a family road trip with the kids. Here are a few tips to help make it as easy as possible.

Choose A Vehicle That Is Not Just Big, But Bigger When you travel with the whole family, do not even think about skimping on space. If you have a total of four people and plan to get a four passenger vehicle, rethink that and plan to get a six passenger vehicle. It might seem like a waste to get the extra room (as well as the potential increase in rental cost), but in the long run it will be more than worth it. Consider for a moment all of the things that you need along with you to keep the kids happy. Toys, games, blankets and pillows, and much more. All of these things require extra room, and you will need easy access to it rather than allowing it to be stuffed into the trunk of the car.

Don't Forget The Car Seats If you have children who are about eight or below, you probably use either booster seats (for the older kids) or car seats (for the babies and toddlers). These are among the things most frequently forgotten by parents when they rent a vehicle. While you can usually rent a car set for a cost of around $10 per day from the car rental company, this is really an unnecessary expense. In addition to that, these car seats are the most basic models and are not really very comfortable. Certainly they are not the ideal choice for longer road trips with the kids. Of course, with any vehicle you rent you will want to check with the car rental company as to the vehicle's specifications to make certain that the car has the proper fittings to accommodate your car seats.

Consider A Car With Built In Entertainment Today it is possible to rent a large variety of vehicles, including those that are outfitted with built in DVD players. The car models with this feature may cost you a little bit extra each day, but this is one extra that is more than worth the investment. Any parents who have ever undertaken a road trip of more than an hour or two with the kids will probably agree: Keeping the kids amused and quiet during the drive is something that you really cannot put a price on.

A road trip in a rental car can be a wonderful experience for the whole family. Planning ahead and anticipating some of the above issues will save you a great deal of trouble and time. Now you can truly look forward to your trip with the kids.

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