Everyone will enjoy Des Moines

Posted 08/13/2010

Are you looking for a peaceful place that caters to the relaxation and adventure needs of people from all walks of life? Perhaps you haven't been to Des Moines: a place where government actions, business activities, recreation, and cultural affairs are treated equally and carried out successfully.

Des Moines offers you such tourist attractions as wide golf courses, breath-taking gardens, exciting and nerve-racking adventure zones, entertaining zoos, magnificent and state-of-the-art buildings, and riverside markets. Well, now you know my secret. Des Moines is the place to visit if you're looking to have a relaxing good time.

It is perfect for families, couples, and groups of friends. Below, I enumerated some of the things you can do there, no matter who you're with!

For Families

Families that want to experience fun and adventure at the lowest possible price, the famous Adventureland is the perfect destination. It is a clean adventure park, which does not only offer roller coaster and spinning rides, but also great food at their most affordable price.

If your family values shopping, then the East Village is the right stop for you. It has shops for all your daily needs and wants. It also has restaurants that will surely satisfy your appetite. Those who want to watch animal shows should visit the Blank Park Zoo.

For Couples

For couples who want to spend quality time with nature, the Des Moines Botanical Garden is the perfect place for them. This paradise has a vast collection of Midwest decorative and native plants, and a thousand varieties of exotic plants from across the globe. With all these plants around you, surely, no carbon dioxide will get in the way of your romantic date with your partner.

For Moms and Dads

Homemakers who are itching to have that perfect landscape design in their home gardenwill Better Homes and Gardens Test Garden suitable for their needs. The place exhibits various landscape designs with plenty of mini-backyards, perennial plants, fences, gates, and more.

Meanwhile, dads and businessmen who want to close their deals in a more physical yet relaxing way, Des Moines offers them plenty of golf courses to choose from: Beaver Creek Golf Club, Copper Creek Golf Course, Sleepy Hollow Sports Park, Woodland Hills Golf Course, Grand View Golf Course, A.H. Blank Golf Course, Waveland Municipal Golf Course, and Shady Oake Golf Course.

For Groups of Friends

For students and young professionals who don't only want to have a glimpse but a total experience with art, there are two best destinations for them: the Des Moines Art Center, and the Capitol Building. The Des Moines Art Center, which is the best small museum in Midwest United States, showcases impressive art works of artists in the 19th and 20th centuries. It does not only have a well-rounded exhibit, but fine restaurants as well.

The Capitol Building, on the other hand, offers its visitors an amazing architectural design, antique furniture, an impressive collection of murals, paintings, and stone and wood carvings. Plus, if you want to see how it looks from the top, all you have to do is climb up their 100-step stairs and witness its marvelous interior. However, if playing golf is not your cup of tea, you can sit, relax, and close your business deals at the High Lifelounge Bar and Club.

Traveling to other places does not only take time, but demands a certain amount of energy, too. Therefore, it is best to equip your stomachs with sumptuous food. And there is one place where this is best fulfilled: Downtown Farmers Market. The vendors in this riverside market do not only sell fresh fruits and vegetables. They also serve coffee and freshly baked breads in the morning, and Thai food and pizza for lunch.

In case you are not satisfied with the food served in the farmers market, you can always drop by the Iowa State Fairgrounds, where food displays and livestock shows are up for grabs. With all these cravings fulfilled in one place, Des Moines, indeed, is a great place to live, work, and play!

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