Exploring my new hometown - San Francisco

Posted 08/20/2010

I accepted a new job at San Francisco. So after my last day at my current work, I spent a few days packing and headed to the most loved city in the USA. I made sure I have enough time to unpack my stuff and go sightseeing before actual work starts.

Last weekend, Julie, my San Francisco-based best friend, dropped by and told me that we should go sightseeing the next day. He grinned at me when I said I love the idea since the picture I took since arriving is the Golden Gate Bridge.

She picked me up early the next day. We went to Alcatraz Island. Julie says it's a Golden Gate National Recreation Area. We got a glimpse of the high-security prison which once held Robert Stroud and Al Capone. We also spotted a lot of pelicans in the island. We got back around lunch time and proceeded at the mysterious Fisherman's Wharf. We went to the Historic Ships Pier and got a little history lesson. We wanted to ride the USS Pampanito submarine at pier 45 but we were both hungry.

Julie has work so she didn't come with me the next day. I went to ride San Francisco's cable cars. It just cost $3 per ride so the adventurist in me rode twice. I also went to the San Francisco Cable Car Museum and found out that cable cars can work without engines and other stuff. I think this spot is good for budget travelers. There is no entrance fee to the museum. I went to the Chinatown at the interception of Bush and Grant streets (says the map). I go to buy fish for dinner there (and it tasted so good). This side of San Francisco really screams Asian culture. I got to try authentic Chinese dumplings. I plan to ask Julie to have dinner there next week. I heard the restaurant called Lichee Garden serves good Chinese food. I capped my day by taking a scene at the Alamo Square. My camera love the Victorian houses near the park. I also saw some yuppies playing in the tennis court. Talk about cheap but lovely thrills.

Julie and I headed to the Northbeach the next day. The first stop was the Coit Tower. It was a 210 feet tower that provides really good view of the whole city. We went past zigzag Lombard Street which, according to Julie, becomes an attraction during peak hours. We went to beach while it's still early and the sun is not too hot. After some time, we visited the historic City Lights Bookstore. It was said to be the favorite hangout of Beat Era writers.

Before I went to work, I made sure I went do the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. I saw masterpieces by Picasso, Henry Matisse and Paul Klee. I went straight to the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco and discovered a lot of Asian art in the said museum. Then, I rewarded myself with work clothes shopping at Union Square.

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