Exploring Newark with My Family

Posted 08/13/2010

Before you make your way to New York City, be sure to stop by and explore Newark. When our family went for our annual vacation, Newark was the first place we visited. It's located in New Jersey, just across Hudson River. At first, we hardly gave the city any thought. But soon afterwards, each one of us changed our minds! Newark is a great travel destination.

In fact, if it were not that close to New York City, it would still be a huge draw in itself. The city is overshadowed because of its proximity to the thriving "Big Apple". But it is actually the 3rd oldest city in the United States. Unique treasures are hidden in various nook and cranny of the area. Also, being the largest city in New Jersey, it has a lot to offer.

Newark has a thrilling combination of culture, shopping, arts and developing business environment. One of the amazing places we have visited in Newark is the lively Newark Liberty International Airport. Well, maybe amazing is not really the right word but you get the point. It's huge and handles about 32 million passengers on a yearly basis. Visitors in the area don't only include tourists, but a lot of business executives as well. This is because big international corporations such as Verizon and Prudential Financial chose the city for their offices.

Another thing I noticed as we made our way through Newark is its ethnic diversity. A sizeable number of Portuguese and African-American people call this city their home. If you're into eating international cuisine, then you're in luck. The rich influences of Spanish and Portuguese have found their way into the Ironbound district. Several cultural festivals are also held all throughout the city every year. Don't forget to visit various ethnic centers and discover the hidden depths of this city.

Downtown Newark has had various improvements through the years. One of the most notable ones is the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. Concerts and big events have been held in here, encouraging the growth of art downtown. Another must see is the Bears and Eagles Stadium, this stadium has revived the community spirit, most sports fans support their local teams from here.

There are also several museums found in Newark. If you are into fine arts and informative exhibitions, you'll be really excited to know that the city is home to the Montclair Art Museum. It features arts from painters like Edward Hopper and John Singer Sargent. Meanwhile, you are into natural history exhibitions, better visit the Newark Museum. It also has a planetarium and a mini-zoo.

So when you're in Newark, don't forget to visit these places. My family and I are planning to return to this city soon, we heard that a lot has been developed since we've been here. Instead of being an "addition" to our regular trip to New York, Newark has become the centerpiece of our travel! It seems that the city just keeps on getting better every time. I can't wait to return.

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