Family bonding at Cincinnati

Posted 08/30/2010

My husband decided that we should push through with our long overdue vacation while the kids are still kids. So, off we went to Cincinnati where his aunt has a rest house.

After we settled in the house, we went to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. We learned that it was recognized as one of the best zoos for kids. I think a lot of people know that because of the throng of visitors we encountered at the entrance. The guide I talked to said that there are around 500 animals and more than 3,000 plants in the zoo alone. The good thing about is that the animals are seen in their natural habitats. There are also programs that encourage children to be concerned with the protection of endangered plant and animal species. We spent almost the whole day there so we just headed back to the house to rest. The kids will be up for more adventure for the next day anyway.

We went to the Newport Aquarium because, according to my husband's research, it landed the top spot in a recent family travel guide survey. I think my husband was right. There are more than 7,000 aquatic creatures inside the site. The underwater tunnels are magical in their own right but the combination of see through floors and touch pool deserves additional scores. The kids were all shouting in excitement when they learned they would see a shark feeding ground. There were also displays that sort of take you to different continents such as the Amazon rain forest setup. There are even colorful coral reefs that would make you love the sea even more.

The Cincinnati Museum Center was our third stop on our third day. We dedicated a whole day for it since it houses a lot of museums including the Museum of Natural History and Science, Cincinnati History Museum and Duke Energy Children's Museum. I think the kids enjoyed the children's museum the best. Aside from the fact that the pieces there are really interesting for the young ones, it also helps that there are a lot of hands-on exhibits that let children interact. It helps keep them from getting bored. My husband and I particularly love the Apart from the children's museum, the kids also got excited with the collections at the Natural History Museum. I guess, everything with animals and other life forms appeal to most kids.

Our last day there capped our summer getaway. We went to the Beach Water Park. It's actually a surprise for the kids. They didn't know I packed their swimming gears in a separate bag. They jumped up and down at the sight of the park's water rides. I like the family-themed water rides that lets everyone in the family enjoy the adventure together. The kids splashed in water the whole day. It's like they've never been in a water park before.

Such moments are priceless. It's a good thing we decided to spend our family bonding in Cincinnati.

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