Fort Lauderdale is the Venice of America

Posted 08/26/2010

We went to Fort Lauderdale last week and really enjoyed our stay there. No wonder it has been called the "Venice of America". Here is a short account of some of the places we went to.

When they said that Fort Lauderdale is like Venice, they really meant it. With all the networks of rivers, waterways, canals and bays, you'd really think that you are in the center of all water formations. We got the Airboat Ride Everglades Tour which is a one-hour airboat ride. We were picked up at our hotel and transported to the boat. I thought it would just be an experience of seeing scenic places. It also went as an adventure. We were surrounded by interesting birds and swimming turtles. The alligator part of the ride was both scary and fun. We even attended the alligator show after.

The Anne Kolb Nature Center also proved to be one of the best places in Fort Lauderdale. It houses a lot of endangered species that served as an eye opener for many of us. I also saw simulated mangroves in the exhibit hall. There is also a 3,500-gallon aquarium that would fascinate not just kids but those who are young in heart as well.

We went bass fishing for 6 hours. The trip was really something that is to look forward to. I found it very relaxing and at the same time, it also proved to be a good bonding avenue for the group. We had our lessons from the fishing company and they also provided us with all the equipment. I think it's a great way to make your kid interested in fishing.

The Butterfly World was one of the best stops we ever had in Fort Lauderdale. The rainbow colors of all the butterfly species we have seen are enough to make our visit worth it all. The good thing about Butterfly World is that it didn't get fixated with butterflies alone. As a matter of fact, it even has an insectarium for more learning. It also takes care of various bird. Its tropical gardens are also refreshing, not to mention the selections of orchids and roses you would see almost everywhere.

The Flamingo Gardens at South Flamingo Road is a hit for us. There were a lot of visitors when we went there so I'm guessing it's a hot tourist attraction. We were treated to relaxing botanical garden that also houses A Bird of Prey center. The many flamingos in the gardens are really fun to look at. I always equated flamingos with elegance and I think that point stuck well all throughout our Flamingo Garden visit.

We had a Glassbottom Boat Tour on our last day. We boarded this 60-foor boat. We went around the key attractions in Fort Lauderdale. As the mane of the tour suggests, there were sections of the boat that has glass bottoms so you can actually see the life underwater. The two-hour ride is sort of just a glimpse of the beauty of nature.

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