Going Biking in Philadelphia

Posted 09/27/2010

Philadelphia is home to some of the most historic structures of liberty in the United States. It is also the sixth most inhabited city in the United States. Apparently, we were given the chance to visit Philadelphia last summer. The trip almost didn't push ahead but it was fortunate that it did. The experience helped me understand the history and culture of America better. The Independence Hall is an impressive place; it was where the declaration of independence was signed. I'm in awe when I think of what transpired here before. The Independence National Historical Park is definitely the heart of the historical landmarks.

Philadelphia stands out from other cities because the longer you stay there, the more its charm starts to appear. I lost track of time while I was exploring some anticipated stops. The Liberty bell is one of the metropolis' famous attractions. It represents the American declaration of independence. The Academy of Music caught my attention as well as I listened to the Opera music. Before the day was done, I got to tour the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I was even tempted to take some crash courses on art because I was fascinated by the artworks.

The city is also a good place to take a leisure walk on a hot sunny day. I was able to pass by a lot of parks in this area where you can enjoy not only the fresh air, but also the company of the people you want to spend your time with. The Logan Square is literally divided into four divisions. Play ground, gift shops, and mini golf courses are available. It saved me the trouble of finding souvenirs for my friends back at home. Food and drinks are readily available in this place too.

There are several events in Philadelphia to choose that occurred when we visited last summer visiting. I'd wish I was able to join the Philadelphia bike race. It looked like it was a lot of fun! This event is called the Philadelphia International Championship. Philadelphia Marathon is another event that I'd wish I joined. There are three marathon races to choose from namely the half marathon, full marathon and the 8k race. Lastly, my younger cousins were very much excited for the final event. It is an event called the Ice Cream festival. It is an all you can eat for the price of a five dollar bill. My niece got free helpings because she was under the age of two.

Philadelphia is a stimulating place to visit. A group tour or a family outing would be best to relax and enjoy a trip in this city. New delicacies are readily available in all places whether it is exotic meals or fine dining. There are wide varieties of activities to do and many more to see. People can also bear witness and learn certain values such as patriotism and dedication from the historical places on sight. Philadelphia is truly special treasure for everyone to share.

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