Having a Nice Time in Minneapolis

Posted 09/27/2010

Minneapolis, also known as the Mill City, is a city full of attractions that include museums, zoos and sculpture gardens. Though the city may not be as full of the hustle and bustle compared to other cities like Las Vegas and Orlando, Minneapolis also has numerous destinations that tourists will surely enjoy exploring. I enjoyed my vacation in this city, taking note of the beauty of its urban simplicity and uniqueness. It's one of the best places I've been to my whole life and I wouldn't mind living in that city when the time comes that I'd have to retire.

The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is a place where both the old and young alike can have fun appreciating the sculptures and take pictures at the breathtaking views. The park is filled with beautiful flowers and wind chimes, giving visitors a sense of serenity as they walk around and take in its beauty. It's free so art-lovers can have all the time in the world to gawk at their objects of interest and rave about the designs. As for myself, I wandered around the garden feeling relaxed and at peace, making me forget all my problems for a little while.

Another great attraction in the city of Minneapolis is the Minnehaha Falls, found in Hennepin County, Minnesota. The park system of this city is known to be highly-financed and well-maintained. If you think about it, it's actually kind of cool to have a waterfall running amidst a bustling city. It would be nice to spend the whole day here having picnics or walking your dog to release the stress from our day to day activities. The falls are beautiful and the residents there say that they ever look more beautiful in the winter with their ice formations. Nearby you can find the Sea Salt Eatery, a restaurant that serves really good food and offers a wide variety of selections.

Try checking out the Mill City Museum if you want to know more about flour milling and other hydro-powered industries. The children may not appreciate the tour as much as adults though because of the history lessons. Even if they do have for children activities in the main floor, I don't think it would hold their attention for long. But, what makes this place so awesome is that you get to gain a lot of knowledge about the industries in the city. Also, you get to see and take pictures of amazing views of the city on the 9th floor.

Art-lovers will definitely fall in love with the exhibits in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. One good thing about this place is that you get to appreciate the beauty of art for free! The museum has a vast collection of works of art that include paintings, drawings and photographs. It also owns one of the finest Asian art collections. Not much of an art-lover myself, surprisingly, I enjoyed my afternoon there wandering around and learning more about the diverse collections of each group.

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