I love Baltimore!

Posted 09/02/2010

I headed straight to Baltimore after a business meeting. I was raring to go for a vacation for more than seven months. I guess I deserve this break.

It's funny but the first thing I did after I checked in is eat! I went to the hotel's restaurant and ordered a good authentic Maryland crab. Oh boy, delicious is just an understatement. After filling in my stomach, I headed to the Walters Art Museum. The 22,000 pieces of artworks that the museum houses would be enough to make one go dizzy with excitement. What stood out for me was the Egyptian art pieces. They are so very, very creative. There is also a collection of authentic Japanese ancient armor. Tourists also flock at the famous diary of Napoleon.

The next day, I went to the Baltimore Museum of Art. From the last two destinations alone, you'll know that Maryland is a place of culture and art. Located at the Charles Village, the 1914 museum houses world renowned collection of decorative art and paintings. There are even drawings from contemporary artists from Africa, Asia and the Pacific. One of the tourists there whispered that there are yoga classes outside the museum. True enough, the garden outside the museum can very well be a refuge. I had lunch at Gertrude's. It was only yesterday that I found out it is the highly-acclaimed restaurants in Baltimore. That solved why the food there is so sumptuous.

I went straight to the Lacrosse Museum and National hall of Fame at the University Parkway. I learned that Lacrosse was part of some tribe's preparation for war. Nowadays, you would just link Lacrosse to the favorite sports of posh private schools. It's good that I stopped by there or I would have still been thinking that Lacrosse is only for the elite. Anyway, I also noted the elegant houses in Guilford on my way back to the hotel. They are all worthy of souvenir shots, more like the kind you will see in postcards.

I got up early to check my emails then I headed to the National Aquarium. I heard it's one of the most popular attractions here in Baltimore. The National Aquarium would have you thinking of seeing only fishes. However, this recreation al area doesn't live to just that. As a matter of fact, it even goes to the extent of having an Amazon Rainforest. The whole setup is completed with anacondas, sloths, colorful Amazon birds and poison dart frogs to boot. The walkthrough part of the aquarium also features exotic fishes and the chance to look face to face with sharks. It's really a place for the kids and adults too.

The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum was my last stop for the day. It has this huge collection of anything that is about the history of railway. There are a lot of memorabilia that goes from train spotters to classic Pullman sleepers. It is truly one of the most notable railway museums in the country.

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