Las Vegas, baby!

Posted 08/18/2010

My boyfriend and I finally got our much overdue vacation. We headed to Las Vegas and stayed at his old aunt's house. It's a good thing we have the house to ourselves. We packed a lot of summer clothes since we heard that it's hot in Las Vegas these days.

Some of my friends roll their eyes when I told them we didn't stay in a hotel. Yes, I've seen a lot of jaw-dropping hotels there. But we opted to stay in his aunt's old place so we should maximize our budget. The practical individuals in us also decided to leave the casinos at the last two nights of our Las Vegas trip.

We first went to Ethel M Chocolate and Botanical Cactus Gardens. The chocolate offerings there are just so luscious to say no. Bob and I made ourselves believe that we'll need all the sugar for the rest of the day. The botanical cactus garden is a definite plus factor. I've never seen so many flowering cactuses before! We also went to the Southern Nevada Zoological-Botanical Park and Las Vegas Springs Preserve that day. You can tell we were dead tired with all the walking.

The next day, we spent our morning unpacking our stuff. We went to a couple of diners near the area and ordered meals until the afternoon. Bob is meeting his cousin who works at Golden Nugget. We had early lunch with him. The guy's great. Next, we went to Adventuredome. I was so giddy because I really wanted to try their Canyon Blaster. My younger cousins have been raving about that high-speed roller coaster since their visit here. So, I was determined to try it out. I was lucky Bob wasn't a killjoy that day! And, it was definitely fun! It feels good to be a child all over again. We even had our cam's card full! Talk about fun!

We went to an early dinner at this good restaurant that I forgot the name. Anyway, the highlight of that day wasn't the food anyway. So, we went back to the house and guess what, slept! Before you start screaming "Loser", we slept because we are going bar hopping!

We started at around 10 pm and went to, if I can remember it right, four night clubs. Of course, Bob already had his research so he knows what clubs we should go to. I really enjoyed dancing the night away. Who says partying with your boyfriend alone is not fun? We both tried the famous Black Russians and it was really, really cool. I can't remember how many I took. Bob was in a romantic mood and we went to Fremont Street. You know all those talks that Las Vegas is more alive at night? It's true. There were a lot of people and you can hail cabs 24 hours a day. We even got to catch up with live entertainment. Fremont Street is so magical for me.

The next day was sleep day because we would be gambling the night away. I got lucky with the slot machines while Bob played Black Jack. The casinos in Las Vegas have a distinct vibe. No wonder people get addicted here!

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