Living it up in Charlotte

Posted 08/26/2010

This region of North Carolina has long been of interest to me. After all, it wouldn't be tagged Queen City for nothing. When I see Charlotte in pictures, I get all interested with its distinct mix of luscious greens and urban development. It's like it has the best of both worlds. My trip to the place last week has aimed to center on that!

I got my first souvenir picture at the front of the Bank of America Corporate Center. It was said that the 60-floors of the building were linked to Queen Charlotte's 60-year reign of the city. I Was sort of hesitant that they would let the public go inside since it is still a corporate building. But guess what, visitors can browse the historic paintings along the building's corridors: for free.

After my much-needed dose of Charlotte history, I went to the Carolina Raptor Center in North Charlotte. I should have tagged a long one of my nephews. The birds of prey that are there are so educational. They are actually injured birds that are undergoing rehabilitation. The nature displays of the Center would really excite any kid and of course, the kids at heart.

The Lowe's Motor Speedway was my first stop on my second day. I wasn't actually meaning to watch a race that day but I wanted to really look around the area. There were a lot of history in auto racing in the place. I mean, if you are a fan, you would surely love to visit these areas that are off-limits when there are scheduled races. I planned to come back the next day to watch a race but I wasn't able to.

After the center, I met up with a long time friend at Carowinds Boulevard. I saw their famous theme park, Paramount's Carowinds. I think it is a definite place for kids. I told my friend about it ad he instantly suggested that we go there after we have lunch. So yes, I was a kid for the day. I love the roller coaster, the water part and the special effects show. Live entertainment also reminds me of Disneyland.

The nexy day, I went to the Charlotte Nature Museum. It is located adjacent to the Freedom Park which is my next itinerary. The museum has a very beautiful butterfly pavilion that would make you feel how lovely nature is. I love their displays of baby animals. It is also worthy to note that they inset displays which are not too common for other museums. I spent the late morning walking around the Freedom Park. The view from the lakeshore is truly breath taking.

I went to the airport a lot earlier than my flight. It is because my last tourist sightseeing would be at the Carolinas Aviation Museum in the Douglas International Airport. I got so amazed with its more than 50 collections of historic aircrafts that I boarded the plane home with pride and a smile. See you again, Charlotte!

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