Must-see Miami

Posted 08/19/2010

I spent a few days in Miami because my long-time friend has been insisting that I visit her family there. My gracious host picked me up at the airport. I met her two kids and they were so adorable.

The next day, we went to the Jungle Island. It was a very fun place. We went there with the kids and I felt like a child again when I saw all those parrots. There were also a lot of macaws. I think the park has more than 200 parrots in there. There was also this very adorable amphitheatre. We settled late in the afternoon for some bird shows. The cockatoos, macaws and parrots are all so wise. They talk and boy, they were so funny.

The kids went to the water park that has this very tall Hippo Slide. I was contented taking pictures of them instead. I sneaked out for a while because I was so curious about this albino alligator the park has. I found it and it was really white. It has this pair of reddish eyes that is so scary. Good thing I was not with my friend's kids.

My friend and I went to the Wolfsonian Museum the next day. There were a lot of collections there that dates back to the 1880s. I even saw some authentic propaganda art from Germany and Italy. There were also notable industrial design masterpieces. We went to the highly-publicized Dynamo café located inside the building. The Miami-Dade Cultural Centre was our second stop. It has the Miami Art Museum that has works ranging from the modern to the most contemporary. We also slipped in the historical Museum of Southern Florida also in the compound. It's nice to know local history in an interesting manner. There were archeological pieces from Caribbean and South Florida as well.

Early that afternoon, we went to the Spanish Monastery. We heard from other tourists that it's the oldest building from the Western wide of the world. Our guide also said that the building originally stood in Segovia, Spain. Of course, all of us had a puzzled look. It turns out that William Randolph hearst, a newspaper magnate, bought it there. He had the building disassembled and shipped to Miami. How cool is that?

We rode the Metrorail to Vizcaya Villa. It has 34 rooms of antique pieces that anyone who loves antique furniture like me would love to visit. The villa has this Italian renaissance feel to it. The mansion is so big that I even spotted other designs ranging from rococo to Neoclassical to baroque. The villa itself has this exhilarating beauty but the view of the Biscayne Bay make it more beautiful. It's like having a romantic getaway.

We headed to the Lincoln Road Mall for some dose of tourist shopping. The art deco buildings along the road are so lovely to look at. I had my picture taken at the front of the Lincoln Theatre. There were a lot of finds but what I love best are the sidewalk cafes that serve very yummy refreshments and snacks.

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