My Atlanta Holiday

Posted 08/31/2010

Atlanta is one of my dream destinations. I have this list of all the local spots I would visit in the country before checking out things abroad and Atlanta is on that list.

The first place I went to that afternoon I arrived is the Atlanta History Center. I'm a big fan of exhibits that are linked to history, art and culture. It was actually refreshing to find that the history center is enclosed in a garden. The 23-acre property truly has a breathtaking beauty of its own. I was actually ready to see a building cum museum but I was surprised to find that the main attractions were actually houses, historic homes at that. One of them is the Tullie Smith House. I learned from the guide that ut was an 1840 house relocated to the center. The other one I got to see is named The Swan House. It was said to be built in 1928. It has this native Atlanta and Italian vibes to it. If I remember it correctly, the Swan House was owned y cotton brokerage heirs.

The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Site was my first stop the next day. Along Auburn Avenue, we were treated to the icon's birth home. I also got a picture of the King Center which is the tomb of the famous civil rights leader. The historic Ebenezer Baptist Church is sais to be one of the churches where he first preached his ideals.

I also went to the Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield. The place was commemorated for its contribution to the Civil War. I rode a shuttle along with other tourists to get to the mountain. Our guide was very friendly. He pointed to use the cannon placements and notable earthworks along the trails. We also went to the small museum at the area. It houses notable artifacts connected to the history of the Civil War. It's not peak season but there were a lot of tourists. Some even chose to spend their afternoon in the park while eating. I honestly wished I came with friends.

One of the tourists I met in Atlanta told me that I should see the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. So, the curious cat in me went to Clifton Road where the museum is located. Upon arriving, I learned that the museum was also tagged as ‘Atlanta's Home to Dinosaurs'. It is probably an endearment because of its collection of physical history pieces. I got to see one of the films in the museum's IMAX Theatre. I made a mental note to bring my future kids here.

My next stop was the Woodruff Arts Center. A friend told me that it is one of the largest art museums in the country so I really have high expectations. True enough, Woodruff deserves such a label. There are performing arts housed in the area. Not to mention the vast collection of visual art pieces that they have. I hope to catch a performance by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra when I go back to Atlanta.

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