My Cleveland Itinerary

Posted 10/04/2010

If you're looking for creative inspiration, Cleveland is the place. The place is teeming with art centers, museums, and great design & architecture. The Western Reserve Historical Society is a must-visit for art lovers and history buffs. The display of old mansions lets you picture how people lived in the past. It's like going back in time. The theaters in Cleveland also showcase classical music composed by Beethoven and other world-renowned composers.

Now for the younger generation, you might wonder, what's the difference between listing to live classical music and listing to it on your iPod? There is a world of difference! Hearing classical music played live will just give you the goose bumps, no matter where you're seated. But classical is not the only thing on offer around here. Rock n' roll also seems to be very popular. In fact, there are many rock n' roll cafes all around.

The next thing in my itinerary is the Allen Memorial Art Museum located at the Oberlin College. It holds over 11,000 pieces of the country's finest collection. Cleveland also offers a luxurious theater complex (the second largest in the world). With 5 deluxe theaters, it's really hard to miss out on the entertainment. For people traveling with children, a visit to the zoo will delight the kids. Popular sights would include the wolves and the African elephants. I especially liked how the elephants fancy their trunks. It was definitely a sight to see.

A nature center can also be found in Shaker Lakes and botanical gardens across the city. When it's nearing sunset, go to Lake Erie. The sunset view is simply amazing. Also, as one of the nation's fourth largest lakes, it makes for a nice picnic spot with the family or for a simple walk. It is great for boating and fishing as well.

Although the area around here isn't known for its beaches, one exception is the Mentor Headlands Park just east of Cleveland in Lake County. The white sand and liberal parking space makes it a wonderful destination and adventurous drivers like me would know! An amusement park can even be found nearby. Lake Erie is truly one of the best vacation destinations I've been to. Overall, I can say Cleveland makes itself suitable for nice peaceful adventures and free family fun.

Cleveland as a whole is an art form : it combines a great modern lifestyle, arts and culture, and history while always keeping an eye out for some rock and roll!

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