My fun-filled trip to San Diego

Posted 08/19/2010
I brought my only nephew, Sean, with me on my San Diego trip. We stayed at this very good hotel in downtown San Diego.

The next day we went to the San Diego Zoo. It is definitely a tourist attraction. I chose to go there because I heard they breed endangered species of animals there. I wanted to ensure that my nephew gets to know all these animals before they go instinct (which I pray won't happen). I think Sean loves the Chinese Giant pandas more. They look oh-so-cuddly! The map we had says that there are more than 4,000 animal species in the zoo. The good thing about the San Diego Zoo is that it has walkways, waterfalls and tropical forest setups that makes the journey feel like really going to a jungle. We hop on to open-air trams and buses when we got tired of walking. I was quite concerned that the pythons, tapirs and crocodiles might scare Sean but he was so cool with them.

The next day, we went to SeaWorld near what they call Mission bay. The resident mascot called Shamu, a killer whale, welcomed visitors. SeaWorld has this Dolphin Interaction Program that is really a treat. There are also walk-through exhibits such as the Penguin Encounter that features emperor penguins. There is also a walk through glass tube where you can really be face-to-face with sharks. My nephew was so scared by the idea that we just contented ourselves with the other animals.

Sean and I hit the beach the next day. Good thing Sean knows how to snorkel so we got to enjoy that side of the beach. We also enjoyed playing in the water. Good thing that the beach has these various food stalls where you can eat and relax. Later that day, we explored the downtown part of San Diego. We went to see the Gaslamp Quarter. It has indeed a lot of art galleries, coffee houses and antique stores. We bought my sister, Sean's mother, a good souvenir from the interesting antique store. We grabbed snack at the plaza and took some pictures before heading out to the Horton Plaza shopping mall. The futuristic design of the mall complemented its pastel colors. The good thing about it is that it has so many choices. Good thing I grab a firm grip of not swiping my credit card!

Sean and I went jogging the next day. I feel that were getting a little bit plump probably from all the eating escapades. Anyway, we came back to the Balboa Park to have a tour of the museums there. The first stop was the Reuben H Fleet Science Center that has this big Omnimax. Sean and I really enjoyed our trip to outer space there. There were also other museums showcasing motorbikes and cars which Sean absolutely loved. We also went to the Spanish Village Art Centre that houses various sculpture, pottery and painting masterpieces. Too bad we won't be able to catch the afternoon concerts at the park on Sunday.

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