My Long Term Stay in Virginia Beach

Posted 08/12/2010

If you're searching for the best seaside destination, look no further than Virginia Beach. It is an independent city that is situated in the Hampton Roads. It is a place to swim, relax, and fish. The city also boasts of parks, sports clubs, lakes, golf courses, and art centers.

When I arrived recently, the city simply surprised me. This was because while I heard a lot of good feedback about the city, I heard the same of other cities and those failed to deliver on my expectations. Virginia Beach was stunning. It was all that I expected and more.

Sports and Recreation

Aside from its excellent location, Virginia Beach also has a lot of facilities for couples, families, and groups. For outdoor enthusiasts, the city offers a wide golf course, walk trails, bikeways, and courts for ball games. The Bayville Farm Park has a 20-hole golf course. The City View Park has courts for volleyball, basketball, and baseball. Weddings, picnics, sports, and walking trails can be done in the Great Neck Park.

Little Island Park, a beach park, is a good destination for those want to get tanned naturally. If you want to be more active around the beach though, you should visit the Lynnhaven Boat Ramp and Beach Facility. It offers all the necessary equipment for canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. The Mount Trashmore Park has a freshwater lake where various species of fish thrive.

Meanwhile, the Munden Point Park has an 18-hole golf course, and 5 large picnic centers. As an amateur golfer, I thought I should give the place a visit. And boy, was the weather nice. The course was also well laid-out. It provides enough challenge for even the best golfers. After giving Munden Point Part a visit, I headed off to the famous Miyazaki Japanese Garden. This is actually located within the Red Wing Park. Its famous landmark is a red Japanese-influenced bridge and many couples choose to hold their weddings here.

Long Term Visitors

Long-term visitors need not worry that Virginia Beach will become boring. I looked around and there are actually a lot of interesting clubs and classes. During weekends, you can go for outdoor activities such as biking, skating, and even walking in its parks. You can also surf provided that you have the right gear and don't stray 30 feet over the shoreline.

Now, I know that many travelers don't want to hear about the government! But what is remarkable in Virginia Beach is that the local unit encourages its people and visitors to report vandalism and repair needs in the parks. They may contact the concerned agency through phone or email. Furthermore, the Virginia Beach government has partnered with its educational institutions on matters concerning environment protection and preservation. Students are encouraged to participate in the Parks and Recreation Clean Community Programs. Through this program, students are taught and strongly encouraged to promote litter prevention, recycling, beautification, and environmental awareness.

Along with the above-mentioned program, the Department of Museums of Virginia Beach also does its share by showcasing their city's unique marine environment, plants, animals, and history.

So, if you are looking for a beautiful place that does not only focus on tourism but in environmental protection as well, come and visit Virginia Beach, a place that values the environment above the others.

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