Quick tourist places to hit in Jacksonville

Posted 08/20/2010

My colleagues and I had a mid-week, two-day conference in Jacksonville. The group all decided that it would also be a three-day vacation. So after the seminars, we started our short but very sweet Jacksonville experience. There were a lot to see in Jacksonville so we made sure that we maximized our time there. Here is the list of the places we went to.

Tree Hill Nature Center

The center is just five minutes away from downtown Jacksonville where we are staying. It has this interesting wildlife area and a butterfly center. I saw a lot of trees and our guide says they are a mixture of softwood and hardwood. The butterflies their taking care of are just so beautiful. They gave me a very serene feel. Too bad we're not there for the Butterfly Festival. The guide says we should come back on April for that.

Veterans Memorial Wall

Anyone who remembered their history classes would know that Jacksonville is a very important part of our heritage. The Veterans Memorial Wall sort of reminded me if that. We just offered our prayers to the men and women who died for the country.

Treaty Oak or Jessie Ball BuPont Park

Downtown Jacksonville has a lot of parks. We got our souvenir group shot at this massive treaty Oak tree. The guys there say that the tree is more than 250 years old. We were just smiling in awe!

Jacksonville Landing

We grabbed our late lunch at the area of the Jacksonville Landing. We rode a taxi from the Southbank of the Riverwalk to get there. The view from the restaurant is just so breath taking. There were also a lot of shopping stalls to choose from.

Jacksonville maritime Museum

The Riverwalk also leads to the Jacksonville Maritime Museum. The 1562 museum has a lot of collections, I saw various ship models. There are also maritime artifacts that will keep you interested.

Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville

We started our second day with the Museum of Modern Art near the downtown library. The museum has a lot of eclectic pieces. They also have traveling exhibitions that would transform anyone to a culture vulture.

Shipwreck Island

Located at the Jacksonville Beach, the Shipwreck Island made us go back to being a child again. The Duval county waterpark is reportedly up to changing rides every few years. I think it's their way of keeping the locals interested with them.

Jacksonville beach

After our adventure at Shipwreck we dined in a very romantic restaurant at the beach. We decided to admire the sunset at the beach. Jacksonville is really a lovely place.

St. Johns Town Center

We grabbed our dose of retail therapy at the open air mall of St. Johns Town Center. It has this very wide range of selections. I don't know why open air shopping has been that exciting. It might be because the atmosphere at that spot is so alive. I love to go shopping there again!

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