Sacramento’s Haven of Attractions

Posted 08/30/2010

My friend convinced me to go with her to Sacramento and I obliged. Thanks to the tourist-friendly experience at Sacramento, I'm now raring to see other places in the country. Sacramento is definitely a city that will make you crave for more.

My friend reserved slots at the Spirit of Sacramento Riverboat Cruises so that was our first stop. It was a one-day event that provided a good overview of what the city is like. We cruised down the Sacramento River and it was really a good way to be welcomed to the place. The 19th century vessel we are in seems to have transported back in time. We were able to experience the life of early settlers. I like the sunset part of the cruise because that is when I really appreciated nature more.

On our second day we visited the zoo. The Sacramento Zoo is one of the major tourist attractions in the area. It houses exotic animals that I have never seen before. There is this amphitheater where you can sit down and take part at the animal encounter lectures. Another good thing about the zoo is that it is very family friendly. There is a playground area for your active little ones. Landscaped gardens are also available for those who want to relax at some point in their trip. There is also a reptile house which I love best. Tourists, including us, also made some shopping at the zoo's gift shop.

Another great stop near the Sacramento Zoo is the Fairytale Town. You guessed it right, the place is a must-see haven for kids. Honestly, it is for the adults who have kids in their hearts like us! I like bets this gigantic boot from the famous Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe. There are a lot of scenic spots in this outdoor park. I tell you, this place is all about pictures. I mean, my friend and I cannot stop taking souvenir shots of everything! The pirate ship is also reminiscent of pirates role playing you would have probably done back then. The puppet show that we caught (available only on weekends) is really entertaining!

After our kid-like adventures, we made sure that our last days in Sacramento were more adult-like. So yeah, we went to the Sutter's Fort for our much-needed dose of history in our body! I learned that Sutter's Fort was built in 1839 and is considered as the first Euro-American settlement area. It was built by Swiss immigrant John Augustus Sutter hence its name. The area consists of very historic structures such as a bakery, blacksmith's shop, living quarters and the community prison. There are also farming livestock areas that are well-preserved. I especially like the costumes of the staffs and tour guides. They wear traditional clothing reminiscent of the era that Sutter's Fort represents.

We went to see the site of the Westfield Shoppingtown Downtown Plaza Holiday Ice Rink. It's actually a winter attraction so we didn't have luck experiencing the open air ice rink it is known for. However, we did score a lot of shopping points here.

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