Simple Family Fun in Orlando

Posted 10/12/2010

Home of the Orlando Magic NBA team, Orlando is one of the leading cities to have flourished from the tourist industry, as evidenced by having the 9th busiest airport in the world. Because Orlando has a warm subtropical climate, it only has 2 seasons: hot and rainy and dry. A lot of tourists go there between October through May because less frequent rainfall is observed. Like Las Vegas, Nevada, the city boasts of 5 star luxury hotels that have over a thousand rooms. Orlando City is Florida's center for movie productions (and other forms of digital media like television shows) and is part of the world's top cities to have advanced bio medicine technology.

A few years back, my family and I had a blast touring the city of Orlando, Florida. Majority of the places we visited were theme parks. If you happen to be a water-lover, then I strongly suggest putting Discovery Cove on top of your list. Everyone in my family, including myself, fell in love with the tropical getaway. We got to play with dolphins, fed tropical bird food from our bare hands and most excitingly, we went snorkeling in serene, crystal waters and marveled at the colorful fishes.

We had dinner at the Outta Control Dinner Show where food meets comedy. It's a good place to stay for a family night out! People of all ages will surely enjoy this place with their magic shows and active audience participation. The place serves unlimited popcorn, dessert, beverages (soft drinks and 3 different kinds of wine), pizza too so you'd definitely get your money's worth. Tony Brent, the funny guy in charge of the show is a great entertainer who shows impressive, jaw-dropping tricks and, good-natured antics.

We also decided to visit the churches in Orlando. It's great to see that people in Orlando, as busy as they are with their lives, still find time to pray and reflect. The Mary, Queen of the Universe Shrine was built to have Catholic Orlando residents attend Sunday or Saturday Night masses. The Shrine is composed of a main church, a few number of chapels, a gift shop (where you can buy souvenirs), and a garden where you can just clear your mind and enjoy the peacefulness it brings. Also, the Shrine exhibits modern art all over the museum, including the 8-foot sculpture of Mother Mary and Baby Jesus.

Of course, we saved the best for last and most of our vacation was spent at this place. Any person in his or her right mind would never miss out Walt Disney World on the list. This world-renowned tourist destination features 4 theme parks, 2 water parks and 24 hotels, 4 mini-golf courses, a shopping area, a nighttime entertainment site, a video game, park earning themselves the reputation of being the world's largest recreational resort and also the world's most visited theme park. We didn't get to explore all the parks even if we stayed there for a week! But nonetheless, we enjoyed our time there in Walt Disney World.

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