The Savvy Traveler's Top Tips For Cheap Car Rentals

Posted 12/16/2009

When you arrive at your vacation destination, you are likely a little bit exhausted from traveling. Most people are, and the fact is that doing a lot of price comparisons at the last minute is rather difficult. Worse yet is just taking whatever car rental you can get, usually at a hugely inflated price, simply because you waited till the last minute. Renting a car for your vacation can actually be a simple, pain-free process with the help of our top car rental tips. Our savvy travelers have been all over, renting cars and gathering experience that we hereby bequeath to you, our loyal readers. Use these tips to get the most from your vacation car rental!

The Internet Is Your Best Friend For Car Rentals You may find some decent deals by calling or stopping by the car rental companies in person, but even the best of those can not really compare to what the Internet can offer. The very best deals on the web are often found on the websites that specialize in travel. The advantage here is that these sites do all the legwork for you, and report back on the best current deals. If you like to do your own virtual legwork, you can even visit the site of every single car rental company on the web, where you can view any of the available rental cars online, and get the rates for every size and model. Browsing 24/7 is easy on the web, and if you don't like the rates or cars you see, just proceed to the next place. Many car rental companies offer special discounts for online bookings, making this an even better deal.

Early Birds Are Winners On Car Rentals The earlier that you are able to book your car rental, the better rates you will get. Try to make your reservation an absolute minimum of one week ahead of time to get a good rate. If you are seeking out the super bargain rates, you have got to get started a little earlier: One month in advance will get you the best possible rates, but even two to three weeks will often yield a much better rate.

Get The Weekly Rate There is frequently a marked difference in daily rates and weekly rates. You will often pay the same price to rent a car for three to four days as you will pay to rent it for an entire week. The reason? Weekly rates are deeply discounted. Anytime you rent a car for the weekly rate, which will give you seven full days of use, you will generally be getting the best possible deal. In fact, anytime you plan to rent a car for five days or more, you will usually make out better with the weekly rental than with five days of a daily rental rate - even if you have to return it two days early to head home!

Make Sure You Really Need That Insurance All of the car rental companies will offer you two types of insurance: The collision damage waiver gives you coverage if you have a collision, and the loss damage waiver gives you coverage in case of damage to the rental car. While both of these types of insurance are a wise investment, you may not actually need to buy them from the car rental company. Check with your own car insurance company first, because many policies do have a clause for rental car accidents and damage. If your insurance agent tells you that you have such a clause, there is absolutely no need to invest in additional insurance from the car rental company.

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