Top Ten Nightclubs in Las Vegas

Designed as a center of hedonism and indulgence, Las Vegas is an entire city filled with all varieties of entertainment. The nightclubs of Las Vegas are no exception; each new venue is specifically designed to me more alluring and spectacular than the last. With a regular clientele of high rollers and celebrities, nightclub services are becoming more unique and personalized than in the past, and it really is no surprise that the nightclubs in Las Vegas are in a league all their own.

Regardless if you're a casual tourist looking for a night of dancing and pulsating music or a VIP guest attended by a personal host to make doormen and lines disappear, there is something for everybody in Las Vegas.

While some celebrities have been known to spend upwards of $200,000 per night in some of these nightclubs, it is really no surprise that each club is trying to outdo the others. Original services, spectacular themes, barely dressed servers and being the most recent to generate buzz are all necessary for the nightclub in order to attract the best and to remain one of the best nightclubs in Vegas.

While the clubs in Las Vegas may rise and fall in popularity, the following list is a compilation of the top 10 nightclubs in Las Vegas.

10. Cherry at Red Rock

Having been featured in the film ‘21' was certainly a bonus for this club, though it was fabulous enough to begin with. Entering through a tunnel paneled in mirrors, the glowing red bar is the first thing you see when you truly enter the nightclub. Perhaps on account of the private outdoor pool with cabanas, the dress code at Cherry is less strict than other clubs, and it is also the first club to offer a continuation of the indoor nightclub scene outside around the pool. Being off the strip, Cherry attracts less tourists and more of the local population who know it for a place of strong music, drinks and a more intimate atmosphere.

9. Rain at the Palms

Rain has held the position of one of Vegas' top nightclub destinations for ten years, and is located inside the famous Palms Hotel & Casino. Rain attracts tourists and visitors, and showcases a variety of pyrotechnic lighting, water motes and fire blasts as a part of its special effects. Having been featured in MTV's Real World Las Vegas, many patrons come to Rain to enjoy in person what they saw on television.

8. Moon at the Playboy Club, Palms

Offering spectacular views of the Las Vegas strip from the rooftop patio, Moon sits atop the Fantasy Tower located inside the Playboy Club. Featuring a retractable roof which is opened at various times each evening, this unique experience adds to the club's amenities including large dance floor, a variety of music and shorter than normal entrance lines. Moon is a highly popular Vegas nightclub destination.

7. Studio 54, at MGM Grand

With four floors of dancing, lounging and dancing at your disposal, Studio 54 established itself as a top nightclub destination long ago. Intended to replicate the original Studio 54 establishment in New York, the Vegas site offers moderate drink prices, large dance areas and plays a variety of popular music. One of their unique features is to release a shower of confetti onto the crowd at around midnight. In addition, a variety of go-go and acrobatic dancers are located above the bar and around the room so there is always something interesting to watch.

6. Tryst at the Wynn Hotel

The only nightclub in Vegas to showcase a three story waterfall and amazing terrace, this spectacular venue is also open to landscaped views of a private lagoon. Offering over 12,000 square feet of nightlife, this club also has a variety of lounging and table areas in addition to stripper poles for those who are adventurous. With an easily accessible bar, secluded nooks and cozy comfort, Tryst remains a popular nightclub for both locals and visitors.

5. The Bank, at the Bellagio Hotel

Formerly known as Light, this revamped nightclub caters to the upscale patron. The 6,600 square feet of club space features a unique dance floor enclosed in glass, and the rest of the décor is tastefully decorate. A great venue for people watching, The Bank is often frequented by celebrities, and the VIP areas provide ample room for drinking and dancing the night away. Showcasing a light and sound show that is custom designed, your experience at The Bank will surely be ultra-sensory.

4. Body English, at The Hard Rock

Body English continues to be among the top nightclubs in Vegas by offering lingerie-clad waitresses, a bevy of celebrity DJ's, secluded VIP areas and a decadently designed interior featuring much leather. With over 7,500 square feet of nightclub space, Body English is a favorite of celebrities and for people watching.

3. Jet, at the Mirage

Known as one of the larger nightclubs in Vegas, Jet features over 15,000 square feet of nightclub space. Featuring unique laser and light shows, state-of-the-art sound systems and three distinct party spaces each with separate sound systems and dance floors, Jet truly raises the bar for nightclub experiences.

2. Tao, at the Venetian

With a spectacular outdoor terrace and views of the Strip, Tao is not to be missed on your tour of nightclubs in Vegas. Trendy Asian décor is the theme in Tao, with candles and statues adding to the mysterious atmosphere. Featuring two distinct dance rooms with differing music formats, exclusive skyboxes with VIP amenities and stellar service, Tao epitomizes the nightclub experience.

1. Pure, at Caesars Palace

With world class service and décor, Pure retains the position of premiere nightclub in Vegas. Offering unique features like a variety of VIP rooms complete with their own restrooms and private bars, a truly stellar 14,000 square foot outdoor patio for partying under the stars, and most interestingly a variety of oversized beds positioned around the dance floor for lounging. A favorite destination for celebrities, every night at Pure is pure magic.

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