Vancouver Love

Posted 08/18/2010

I feel in love with Vancouver. It really has a lot to offer for any wide-eyed tourist like me. My sister was right when she told me that I should come over and stay with her for a while. She and her husband have moved there a year ago. She is just all praises for the place.

Anyway, we went to Gastown early morning band took an Aquabus to Granville Island. It is home to the Emil Carr Institute of Art and design. The marketplace there is so colorful! With all the fresh produce like meat, fish, flower, fruits and vegetables, you can just imagine how lively the place is. I even had the chance to have an early shopping of souvenirs. The crafts and other similar souvenirs there are just so beautiful.

We went to the Kids Market even if we don't have any little ones yes. There were a lot, and I mean a lot, of toy stores. I think it would be the perfect children's haven. We went straight to the Maritime Museum which also has a market of its own for boat-builders.

We also had a taste of brews care of the Granville Island Brewing Company. I think it has been a cultural tradition there to provide free taste-test. Too bad we weren't able to go to the huge free water park of the island since we didn't pack extra clothes. We had lunch at one of the stalls there and the food is really exquisite. Not to mention, the breathtaking view of the island with houseboats to boot.

After the Granville Island trip, we went straight to the Vancouver Lookout at the Harbour Centre. We rode a glass elevator called the Skylift. The Lookout enables you to have a 360° view of the whole Vancouver. My sister and I decided to settle down there and had coffee. She says we should wait for the sunset. And boy, was she right! I got my camera all worked up taking pictures of the sunset from the Lookout. The night view with all the Vancouver lights is also spectacular.

The next day, we went jogging at Stanley Park. My sister says it's the largest urban center park in North America. We were lucky enough to see some swans, Canada gese , squirrels and skunks. There is also a good aquarium that would excite kids. The Museum of Anthropology was our first itinerary after getting home. I saw a lot of totem poles which I thought were scary when I was kid. They are really works of art you would be interested in. There are a lot of sculptures from Bill Reid. I even saw his famous "The Raven and the First Men" there.

The historic Gastown and Chinatown were our last stop for the day, Gastown boasts of these beautiful Victorian houses. I also saw the Lamplighter Pub and the Gassy jack statue. We took a 90 minute walking tour of the area before proceeding to the Chinatown. It was a definitely interesting day.

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