Visiting a friend in Minneapolis

Posted 08/25/2010

I finally conceded to my gal pal's invitation to go to Minneapolis. She lives alone there in a bungalow-type house her father bought. I arrived there late night and we did some catching up.

We went to the Valleyfair the next day. It's the largest amusement park in Minnesota. From the guide, it says that there are around 125 acres of rides in the theme park. No wonder we were dead tired after that day. I finally got to ride a roller coaster again. The best one is the ripcord SkyCoaster. I love it better than the famous Wild Thing roller coaster. My best friend says that Valleyfair holds the ValleyScare Halloween-themed rides every October. There were also water slides and pools. I made a mental note to come there with my nephews. I think the $40 fee for adults was well worth it.

We went to the Walker Art Center because, as my friend says, were culture vultures. Anyway, the center really has an amazing collection of drawings, paintings, sculptures and prints. I also even saw photos of good photography pieces. My friend says the center is famous for its international collections of 20th century art pieces. We also got to see a short film presentation. I love their sculpture pieces best. There is the famous Spoonbridge and Cherry fountain made by genius Claes Oldenburg. I also saw Standing Glass Fish by Frank Gehry. We also dropped by at the 1915-built Minneapolis Institute of Arts. It has more than 100,000 species. They also have pieces for contemporary art.

The next stop was the Mill City Museum. You know, how this place is called Mill city? It might probably be due to the flourishing industry of flour before. True enough, the Mill City Museum is housed in an old flour mill along the famous Mississippi River. I didn't forget to take a lot of pictures of the historic river. We also went to the Bell Museum National History. It was a very cool museum where you can actually touch the animal specimens.

After the serious trip to the centers, we went for the Mall of America the next day. I easily noted the seemingly futuristic theme of the whole architecture. It has been popular even back home because of its huge expanse. I researched and found out that it's the largest enclosed shopping space in the country. I think the mall doesn't have a lag time. We were there the whole day and I never seen any thinning of visitors. There are reports saying that more than 42 million people visit the mall annually. I think it's a great spot if you're traveling with kids. It's like a one-stop shop for dining, recreation, entertainment and shopping for kids and the kids at heart. I eyed the Lego Imagination Center for my next trip. It would be a lot of fun when you have kids around.

Traveling in Minneapolis is really something to look forward to. I guess hotels wouldn't be an issue either. I have seen a lot of choices when we were sightseeing.

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