Visiting the Best Places in St. Louis

Posted 09/24/2010

The character and essence of St. Louis is best displayed on its downtown. The area is blessed with the Gateway Arch and it is also the home of the Union Station and the Busch Stadium! The Gateway Arch is truly a work of art. I don't take that many pictures but I tool several of the Gateway Arch.

Just south of the downtown area is the Soulard neighborhood. It has a large market just west of the Mississippi River with fresh produce, flowers and other items which makes buying even more soothing. Alongside the markets are jazz and blues clubs perfect for enjoying a simple day out in the neighborhood. A trip to the market never seemed too appealing to me. Of course, this was one big exception.

Restaurants like 1111 (eleven eleven) Mississippi serve as the modern eateries in St. Louis. This one, in particular, takes on a lodge-like atmosphere with the dim lights and all. Their steamed mussel and steaks really hit the spot especially because I was looking for a meal with lots of meat. Many other restaurants here offer live music and create a vibrant experience. If you're looking for even more alternatives for eating out, The Hill may be the place to be. It serves as some kind of a mini-Italy where fine Italian restaurants are abundant. I usually let others pick where to eat for snacks, but not this time since I'm a big fan of Italian food and I thought to myself, "This is as Italian as it gets!"

There is nothing like the Forest Park they have. It's no surprise that it's one of the largest urban parks in the U.S. The park contains many museums and zoos and what's best is that we got to enjoy the jogging and skating path for free.

If that's not enough nature for, Grants Farm may just do the thing. The admission is free and there's this zoo where people get to feed the baby goats : truly brings out that child in you. Free beer is even offered to anyone above 21. The tram ride was perfect for viewing the wildlife and made the trip have more of that safari feel. The best part, of course, is that admission was free. St. Louis isn't just known for all the outdoor fun. The city can really be fun from the great indoors. Spas like Ginger Bay offered a full range of services from waxing and haircuts down to massages. The light and airy atmosphere made it all too easy to relax from all our connecting with nature. Overall, St. Louis provides for all sorts of entertainment. Even the fast food was great. Some of the fast food restaurants like Fitz's make their own soda which went great with their burgers. Wherever I looked, the architecture was great and made me feel like I just had to capture the moment which makes St. Louis an amazing vacation destination.

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