Why Adventure-Seekers Will Love Birmingham

Posted 08/12/2010

Who would have thought that Birmingham is the most populous British city outside London? With its serenity and tranquility, it is difficult to imagine that so many people live in the area. Right now, there is the so-called Big City Plan. It is a large redevelopment preparation for the city centre and it aims to make Birmingham one of the top 20 most livable cities in the world within twenty years. For some, it might be a long timetable but when you see the plan, it is simply astounding.

Birmingham is already a great place to visit at this point, it would be amazing to see how it would change after several years.

Artworks & Architecture

If you are looking for art and culture, Birmingham won't let you down. When I visited the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, located in Chamberlain Square, I was impressed by the collection. Excellent artworks dating back to the Pre-Raphaelite period were prominently displayed. Another place you should visit is the Numbernine Gallery; it is considered to be the most ambitious and exciting art gallery in the area. In fact, it has already garnered both local and international recognition. Meanwhile, a must-see exhibit of the arts can be found in Walsall Art Gallery, one of the latest additions is the Ikon Gallery.

Art appreciation doesn't end in gazing at sculptures and paintings. In Birmingham, beautiful historic buildings and structures helped me better appreciate what artwork really means. The Back to Back Houses Birmingham, for example, this was restored by The National Trust.

Public Parks

When you're in Birmingham, don't miss the chance to visit enchanting Public Parks! Here is a list of some of the most popular parks and recreational spots in the area:

The Birmingham University Campus estates have a pleasing atmosphere. I got tempted enough that I walked all the way through, admiring the structures with their elaborate style and beautification. Meanwhile, the Cannon Hill Park is the pride of Birmingham for it is the most attractive and varied. The park boasts of two lakes, tennis yards, fishing facilities and a number of activities that are predominantly during summertime.

Edgbaston Reservoir is another top visited park. This was never intended or constructed exclusively as a reservoir. It was actually built as a duct for the canals. This is a very lovely and well-liked recreational spot for the whole family. Animal lovers will have a great time at the Woodgate Valley Park. The park helps to preserve wildlife but it provides inspiration to many at the same time.

There are many other interesting parks in Birmingham. Make it a point to drop by the Packwood as well. It is best and popularly known for its distinctive topiary paradise which is magnificent in the springtime. Another must-see is the famous Selfridges of Birmingham; this store is covered in 15,000 spun aluminum discs.

Lastly, it wouldn't make sense not to visit : what else? : The Cadbury World. Many chocolate lovers out there visit Birmingham for no other reason than to go to Cadbury World!

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